Perfect Day at CocoCay with Royal Caribbean

Perfect Day at CocoCay with Royal Caribbean

Introducing a destination that resets adventure to a whole new level, reimagining what’s possible in a day. Once you’ve booked your perfect cruise, manage your booking and book your Perfect Day at CocoCay activities. This is how to holiday.

From late night stops (featuring everything from laser shows to fireworks) to maxing out your adventure with two stops in one short getaway, find out the latest news on Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Now you have even more chances to max out your adventure with two stops at Perfect Day at CocoCay in one short getaway. Chill one day and dial up the thrills the next. Or hit repeat on all your faves.

See Perfect Day at CocoCay in a whole new light — after dark. The ultimate late night island party comes alive with Junkanoo bands, fire dancers, laser shows, fireworks and more with late stays on select sailings.

Be one of the brave first to conquer the tallest waterslide in North America or snap a shot from 450 feet up in a helium balloon. Grab a drink at the swim-up bar and soak up the scene in the largest freshwater pool in the Bahamas. Enjoy your Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Find your zen at the exclusive Coco Beach ClubSM, where it’s nothing but good vibes. Plunge into the beachfront infinity pool. Indulge in upgraded cuisine. Then kick back and cue the views in the first Floating Cabanas in The Bahamas. Coco Beach Club opens January 31, 2020.

Whet your appetite with the best of land and sea, served up just steps from the ocean. The restaurant at Coco Beach Club offers guests a top-notch, complimentary dining experience featuring a selection of fresh lobster, snapper, and steak —plus a buffet of soups, salads, and starters.


Booked guests can reserve access to the following experiences on Perfect Day at CocoCay. Specified complimentary experiences are included in the cruise fare.

  • DAREDEVIL’S PEAKSM – Hit a high-speed tour de G-force on the fully vertical Screeching Serpent. Brave the coils of the Green Mamba. Then take on the 135-foot tall Daredevil’s PeakSM – the tallest waterslide in North America. The higher you climb, the bigger the rush.
  • WAVE POOL – When the clock hits zero, run for cover – you’re about to get swept up in the Caribbean’s biggest wave pool ever. Whether you just want to dip a toe in, or you’re ready to plunge into the simulated surf, the waves are ready to wow swimmers of all ages.
  • OASIS LAGOONSM – Discover the secret coves of the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool – Oasis LagoonSM. Spend some family time here or share a few cocktails with friends.
    Complimentary admission
  • COCO BEACH CLUBSM – Kick back and cue the views in the only overwater cabanas in the Bahamas. Now you can find your zen at the beachfront infinity pool and indulge in delectable fare at the exclusive Coco Beach ClubSM, where it’s nothing but good vibes. Opening January 2020.
  • UP, UP, AND AWAY – Heighten the adrenaline and score a view unlike any other on Up, Up and Away, a helium balloon that floats up to 450 feet above Perfect Day at CocoCay.

At Perfect Day at CocoCay, you’ll discover endless ways to fill your day with one-of-a-kind experiences designed to conquer more unknowns and cultivate more lasting memories at every turn.

  • Captain Jack’sSM – Grab a Coco Loco at the rowboat bar and settle into a rope swing seat at Captain Jack’s . Or snack on the house specialty – chicken wings and fries dipped in signature sauces. Get ready for live jams and water views to put you in an island state of mind.
  •  Skipper’s Grill – Skipper’s Grill is the spot to relax, recharge and refuel for adventure with harbour side views. Tuck into tacos with guac, enjoy some barbecue chicken hot off the grill or treat your taste buds to a juicy burger.
  • Splashaway BaySM – Prepare to be blown away by our largest Splashaway Bay yet. Now kids can enjoy bigger buckets of fun than ever before with more fountains, pools and water cannons — plus five waterslides, and two massive drench buckets.
  • Captain Jill’s Galleon – From slides and interactive water cannons, to rope features and a splash pad, this interactive galleon is loaded with swashbuckling thrills for kids of all ages.
  • Zip Line – Leave your cares on the ground and soar above Perfect Day at CocoCay on 1,600 feet of zip line — with a splash landing in the harbour.

Buried treasures are the stuff pirate legends are made of. And while there are tales of loot scattered throughout The Bahamas, there are some hidden gems that you can’t miss on your next trip to the Royal Caribbean private destination, Perfect Day at CocoCay. From underwater surprises to a powerful geyser that shoots high into the sky — check out a few secrets to uncover on your next cruise.


A visit to the best place to vacation in The Bahamas deserves the grandest of welcomes. As you set foot on the island, you’re immediately greeted by Captain Jill’s Galleon — a throwback to the days of buccaneers, equipped with water cannons, dry slides and a rope bridge.

Amidst all the swashbuckling you’ll find an Instagram worthy surprise in the form of a geyser that shoots water over 70 feet into the air. And while you can spot the spout from many places around the island, the best spot to score your #geysergram is right in front of the galleon.

Insider tip: If you don’t have a waterproof smartphone or camera, make sure to grab a shot from a safe distance because you may get wet.


Whatever kind of pool or beach day you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean — Oasis Lagoon. There’s a sloping entry that’s perfect for kids and their families, a swim-up bar with in-water seats, loungers in the water and even private cabanas that you can rent online ahead of your trip.

But hands down one of our favourite seaside surprises at the lagoon is the underwater musical soundtrack that seems perfectly scored for the weekend getaway you’ve been craving. Plunge your head below the surface for some awesome surround sound.


Perfect Day at CocoCay is overflowing with pools where you can soak up sun and fun. From the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, Oasis Lagoon, to the biggest wave pool in the Caribbean. But nestled in the middle of all the action at Thrill Waterpark is the soon-to-be-famous Adventure Pool, an interactive obstacle course filled with an abundance of thrills all its own.

Adventure Pool is the perfect spot to set up camp and call home for the day with plenty of umbrellas and places to sit — and lots of ways to make a splash. You can hone your rock-climbing skills, hop across floating lily pads and make a splash into the pool from a swing rope. And when hunger hits, you’re right near a Snack Shack, where complimentary burgers, fries and snacks will fuel your next daring feat.


Your favourite beachside brews are on tap at the full-service bars sprinkled throughout the newly revamped Royal Caribbean private destination. But if you want to enjoy a cold one on demand, you’re in luck. Two spots have conveniently located self-serve beer stations where you can get pours on demand (for an additional cost) while nibbling on bites with a harborside view at Chill Grill, or just steps away from the beach at Skipper’s Grill. Your weekend cruise to The Bahamas just got infinitely more chill… and frothy.


What lies off the coast of this palm-fringed, tropical paradise? An underwater world waiting to be explored. You don’t have to plunge too deep beneath the turquoise waves or swim out very far to see the next secret on our list. Resting no more than 15 feet below the surface and 150 feet from the shoreline is a sunken airplane that was strategically placed to promote marine life. Grab your snorkel gear and get up close to thriving reef inhabitants, like parrot fish, grouper, triggerfish, stingrays and eagle rays.

But your underwater explorations don’t have to stop there. With average visibility stretching to about 100 feet, your dive can go way past the sunken plane. You can book a certified scuba dive tour before you sail — and for those who prefer to keep adventure above the water line, there are jet ski rentals available too.


On the southern side of Perfect Day at CocoCay lies South Beach — one of the best spots to connect with your ideal vacation vibe. Whether it’s starting the morning with sun salutations at a yoga class on the sand, bringing your A game to beachside volleyball or lounging in your own private cabana — this is what beach days were made for. And when you’re ready for a tropical beverage, you’ve got multiple bars to choose from, including a floating bar just offshore. Work up a thirst with a quick swim to a place where it’s 5 o’clock all the time and try the signature Coco Loco while enjoying views of the horizon that are just as refreshing. This is one watering hole you don’t want to miss.

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